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Classic Mini Chief | Sunday 5/5/24

Updated: Apr 29

Power Snatch Practice (Coach Led)

EMOM 8  

2 Power Snatch

(reset reps – increase load to working weight every second minute)

AMRAP in 20 mins

Intended Stimulus

  • This workout will be fast paces but control that breathing so you can sustain high intensity.

  • Aiming for 5+ rounds.

  • The run is there to recover the muscle for the next 5 rounds.

  • Snatch should be heavy as its only 1 rep.

Rx: 60/42.5 | Scaled: 42.5/30

1 Power Snatch

2 HR Press Ups

3 Air Squats

Every time you complete 5 rounds: Complete 1 Hill Run = 1 round

Time Trial & Cool Down

2000m Row (Time Trial)

1:00 Child Pose

1:00 Foam Roll Quads

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