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WOAH Tuesday 29/12/20

Up to 5 Rounds For Time (30 min Time Cap)

05 HR Push ups

10 Alt V Sits

15 Air Squats

X 3 Laps

Then 400 m Run/Row /240 Skips/60 Box steps

This = 1 Round

HR Push ups - Hands must leave the floor and touch fingers behind your head.

05 SA Push Press each arm with DB or KB may be subbed for The HR Push ups.

If you have a BB. do 05 Strict Shoulder Press 35/25 kg for the HR Push ups. Scale weight as required.

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George Charlwood
George Charlwood

3+90 in 30 mins, full 5 rounds in 41:29


Lynn Masterson
Lynn Masterson

That was harder than it looked! Excellent workout.

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