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WOAH Tuesday 23/03/21

At completion any WODs you complete: 20 Down ups 21 Full sit ups (For the year, 2021) BODYWEIGHT at home 21 Burpees 100 Star jumps 18 Burpees 80 Star jumps 15 Burpees 60 Star jumps 12 Burpees 40 Star jumps 9 Burpees 20 Star jumps 3 Burpees GYMNASTICS at home 100 Press ups in minimal sets. (5min CAP) 5 rounds. 30 Russian twists 30 Shoulder taps (high plank) BARBELL at home WOD - 20min AMRAP 25 x Deadlifts 20 x Squat jumps 15 x Power snatch 10 x Front squats ERG at home 30-20-10 cal erg V - Sit ups Inchworms STRENGTH at home Perform the following Triset 5 x 10 2 mins rest per Tri set Bench/Floor Press Feet Elevated Push ups Close Grip Bench/Floor press AMRAP 9 mins 15 Reverse Grip Bench/floor press 15 Triangle Push ups MET-CON at home 6 rounds 3 minutes work, 1 minute rest 10 Burpees 12 Box Overs 14 Alternating DB Clean and Press

Our mission, is to keep you moving and motivated. If you trust us and our pledge to keep you on track and focused, you’ll come back fitter, healthier and much stronger when all of this is (hopefully) over!

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