• Ron McKinstray

WOAH Tuesday 12/05/2020

The number of different exercises we include in a workout is constantly varied. Sometimes five or more disciplines, sometimes, just one.

Today’s workout has only two. Metcon in the manner of your choice and strength in the form of a hang squat clean thruster.

AMRAP 20 minutes 200m run or 250m row or 400 m bike or 20 cals AirDyne or

50 double unders / 100 singles

20 alt hang squat clean and thruster @ 40/30 kgs

or substitutions for a bar can be :

Medball, dumbbell/s, kettlebell or an odd object.

With no equipment :

10 alt v sit-ups followed by 10 hr press-ups (make them the best press-ups you can do)

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