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WOAH Sunday 17/01/21

Tabata Options

8 Rounds of 20 secs work - 10 secs rest

1 min rest between exercises

BB Version


Hang Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

35/25 kg Scale up or down as required

DB/KB Version


SA HPCL Right Rds 1,3,5,7 - Left Rds 2,4,6,8

Goblet Squat

SA PP Right Rds 1,3,5,7 - Left Rds 2,4,6,8

Non equipment Version

Air Squat

Sit ups

Alt leg lunge

Push ups

Medicine/Slam Ball Version

MB/SB Deadlift

MB/SB Power Clean

MB/SB Squat

MB/SB Push Press

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