• Ron McKinstray

WOAH Saturday 9/05/2020

Tabata Day 

Today's home WOAH is a Tabata. If haven't already done so, 

we suggest you download SMARTWOD timer to your phone. 

Great APP that allows you to set up all the different timers including TABATA. 

8 x 20 on - 10 secs rest. After each round take 1 min rest

Record your reps for each 20 seconds and total up for the each exercise. 

Bodyweight Version 

Round 1: Alt Leg Lunges

0ne min rest

Round 2: Push ups

One min rest

Round 3: Air Squats

One min rest 

Round 4: Sit ups

One min rest

Round 5: Burpees

Weighted Version (DB/KB)

Round 1: KB or DB Swing

One min rest

Round 2: Push ups

One min rest 

Round 3: SA Push Press (KB/DB) Change arm each set

One min rest

Round 4: Wtd Sit ups(KB/DB/Disc or MB)

One min rest

Round 5: Burpees

Compare your score to 28/03/20 

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