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WOAH Friday 15/01/21

"WOAH With The Girls"

For Time

"Angie's House"

20 Push ups

20 Pull ups

20 Sit ups

20 Air Squats

"Helen's House"

400m Run


12 Pull ups

"Fran's House"

15 Thrusters

"Nancy's House"

400 n Run

15 OHS

"Grace's/Isobel's House


"Kelly's House"

400 m Run

30 Box Jumps/Steps

30 WBS

Use whatever equipment you have and sub any exercises that can't

be done with something that you can do.

ie Pull ups - sub with DB/KB or BB Rows

GTOH use BB, DB, KB, Disc, MB, Slam Ball or do Burpees

Use your imagination.

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Lynn Masterson
Lynn Masterson
15. Jan. 2021

Liked this one!

Gefällt mir
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