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Weekly Well Done & Next Week

Wow what a week and a what a weekend. We had some busy classes, especially Sunday we had the best numbers in classes since lockdown (total of 32 people) so well done to all members who made it out this week.

Next week workouts starts with a Classic CrossFit cracker and one of the reason I fell in love with CrossFit.

Monday 5th December - "Nasty Girls"

I watched Nicole Carroll, Eva T, and Annie Sakamoto complete this workout in their gym back in 2010 (on youtube) and thought wow I want to try that. If you want to see what I am talking about link I below for the video.

Tuesday 6th December - "Margarita"

50 rounds for time on this bad boy lets see how you get on.

Wednesday 7th December - "Lunge Lizard"

The clue is in the name but there isn't much lunging ... Its a pyramid effect workout your way up then back down on these 4 exercises.

Thursday 8th December - "Body Shots"

AMRAP in 22 minutes 3 exercises. Rounds are fast and lots of core work

Friday 9th December - "Copy Cat"

I wonder what will be in this weeks Team Friday WOD. We will just need to copy each other and see where it takes us.

Saturday 10th December - "Classic CrossFit"

Yup you guessed right the Classic CrossFit session planned and coached by Neil.

Sunday 11th December - "Powerlifting for Prostate Cancer"

This Sunday will see us take on "Powerlifting for Prostate Cancer". I hope to see you all there so we can raise funds for Prostate Cancer and also see you all lifting.

Can't wait for next week. See you all then

CrossFit Scotland Team

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