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Weekly Well Done & Next Week

Well what a week in the box, there was some tough workouts and you all faced the challenges head on. Well done!

As November comes to an end and December starts we are heading into the festive season and so will the fun and exciting workouts.

Monday 28th November - "Ski Slope"

Monday starts with one of our new additions in the gym "The Ski-Erg". 10 rounds on this bad boy will change the way you look at it.

Tuesday 29th November - "Pause Squats" & "Coach Kilmer"

Tuesday starts with some strength working on staying upright in the hole (bottom of the squat) before driving out through the heels. This is followed by "Coach Kilmer" AMRAP x 16.

Wednesday 30th November - "Last Day of November"

Well November comes to an end and we have upped the anti. AMRAP x 30. 4 exercises, low rep range and loads of rounds.

Thursday 1st December - "On the 1st day of December CrossFit Scotland gave to me ..."

You may need to climb to get that star on the tree & help us with come heavy presents. 20 rounds for time will make this workout interesting.

Friday 2nd December - "Concept"

Team Friday sees us using all cardio equipment in the gym as a buy in to the workout. If you work hard as a team on this one you will get more rest.

Saturday 3rd December - "Classic CrossFit"

This will be a Classic CrossFit Session led by Neil

Sunday 4th December - "Strength Session"

Technique followed by a WOD or Foley's Followers Strength Session

Look forward to seeing you all next week. Get booked in now so you don't miss the fun.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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