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Weekly Update (Week Beginning 23/1/23)

Well done everyone it has been a good week of workouts and a great weekend with our first CrossFit Community Event that took place. There was some great individual performances and we would personally like to say thank you to everyone for your continued support and effort you alway put in.

We can't wait for the next CrossFit Community Event that will take place in April (More details will follow)

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This week in the gym:

Endless Erg 23/1/23

Yes its cardio but it has to be done. You can blame Megan for this one as she the one that programmed it! There is also a cheeky wee finisher in there as well.

Run Away 24/1/23

Couplet workout for 6 rounds with a lovely gymnastics finisher.

Bingo 25/1/23

1 Line, 2 Lines and Full House. The rounds go up but the reps go down.

Candy Man 26/1/23

This chipper styled workout is for time. 9 exercises, body weight, weightlifting & gymnastics. Just a classic chipper.

Highway to Hell 27/1/23

In teams of 2 one completes distance the other racks up the score on the rounds. Split anyway you like. Score is time taken and rounds complete.

Classic CrossFit 28/1/23

Classic CrossFit workout coached by Neil.

Strength Sessions 29/1/23

Technique work followed by strength or a WOD.

Can't wait to see you all in!

CrossFit Scotland Team

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