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Weekly Update 29/5/23

Well done for your efforts again this week in the gym. As always your all putting in max effort and we appreciate the hard work.

Next Week

Next week coach Aidan will be helping us out in the gym so make him feel welcome.

Next Weeks WOD's:

Karen - 29/5/23

150 WBS for time. We have different options for you to break this workout down.

Betty - 30/5/23

Push press & Box Jump / steps 5 rft

Lane - 31//5/23

This Team hero workout is a cracker.

Back to Calories - 1/6/23

Group warm up followed by an EMOM for calories, kbs & back squats.

Semi-Finals - 2/6/23

CrossFit semi-finals team workout. Calories, DB Snatches & Box Jump / Steps

Beatdown - 3/6/23

Classic beatdown workout with metres, DB Bench Press & MB Clean & Press

Weightlifting - 4/6/23

This Sunday will be Clean & Jerk technique.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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