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Weekly Update 20/2/23

Well done to everyone who took on this weeks workouts. There was some hard workouts in there that were hard to push through but well done everyone.

Next Weeks Workouts

"Tabata Sucks" 20/2/23

20 seconds on / 10 seconds off x 10 sets this time round. 3 exercises 10 rounds on each.

"10's a Charm" 21/2/23

AMRAP in 10 MINS x 3 different rounds 3 minutes rest between. Each AMRAP will have different exercises in them and they will keep you moving.

"Frannie" 22/2/23

5 rounds for time. This is a twist on two named workouts, Fran & Annie.

"Its a Beatdown" 23/2/23

This workout is a sweaty one which has been tried and tested. May take you a while to go through but it will be worth it once you are done.

"90 - 90" 24/2/23

Teams of 2 for this workout. One works one rest over 4 different rounds.

"Classic CrossFit" 25/2/23

Programmed and coached by Neil. This Classic CrossFit workout takes you back to basics.

"Strength Session" 26/2/23

Strength session coached by Neil. Neil will coach you through the compound moves to help improve strength.

We can't wait to see you all

CrossFit Scotland Team

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