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Weekly Update

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Well done everyone that's the first week in January done and dusted. Next week is a new start and I hope to see you all there.

What's going on in the gym:

- We currently have the January Challenge. Target is to complete 2023 Cals on any machine (mix and match) in the month. You can use your workouts towards your calorie count, complete it separately or complete it as a team of 2.

(Hope to see everyones name on the board for this!)

- Remember we have the CrossFit Community Event taking place on the 21st January 9am - 13:30pm. If you wish to take part in this fun team event please put your name on the board. If you don't have a team mate don't worry we can organise this for you. (£10 entry fee)

Next Week's WOD's:

Monday - Snake Mountain

This lovely Dumbbell working climbs on the reps and doesn't come back down. Once you reach the top that's you done. (For Time)

Tuesday - Oops Dumbbell Thrusters

Yeah we decided to make one of the worst barbell movements worse by using dumbbells for it instead but the reps you can count on one hand. (AMRAP in 20)

Tuesday - 18:45 Class - Skills Class

This will be a class where you have the opportunity to work on skill exercises, mobility, gymnastics & barbell exercises that you are weak at. Turning your weaknesses into strengths. (Coach Led)

Wednesday - What's the Date

This workout will keep you moving and help towards that January Challenge. (AMRAP in 30)

Thursday - Cindy Bell Anne

Turning a Classic CrossFit workout into something slightly different. Every 3 minutes will see you do a buy in to get back in the game. (15 RFT)

Friday - I Eight You

Team of 2 workout that will see you complete the workout as you go I go style for rounds. once completed you will finish on a lovely finisher. (16 RFT & Finisher)

Saturday - Classic CrossFit

Our usual format of Classic CrossFit which will be coached by Neil.

Sunday - Strength Session

Our usual format for Sunday coached by Neil. Technique work followed by strength or a WOD.

Can't wait to see you all next week looking forward to it.


CrossFit Scotland Team

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