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Weekly Catch Up - 11/9/23

Well done you all smashed this weeks workouts and I hope you all liked the new format.

Next Weeks WOD's:

Your Order - 11/9/23

4 x 6 minute AMRAPs with 3 minutes rest between sets.

Thumbs Up - 12/9/23

2 x 20 minute windows with 5 mins rest between the 2 of them.

Hell Raiser & Saw - 13/9/23

Strength into strength endurance work followed by a mini workout.

Stonewall - 14/9/23

12 minute AMRAP followed by some interval training.

Gorilla - 15/9/23

2 rounds with a 18 minute time cap followed by 15 minute AMRAP.

Classic CrossFit - 16/9/23

This classic CrossFit workout is programmed by Coach Aidan.

Sunday Session - 17/9/23

This is your opportunity to catch up on a workout or practice exercises that are your weakness and make them your strengths or follow your strength programme.

Can't wait to see you all make it to the gym. Looking forward to it

CrossFit Scotland Team

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