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Saturday 5th June 2021

It's Saturday and as we rush to halfway through the year it is great to see everyone back training and traing hard.

Success is not a given, it is something that is earned. We provide literally hundreds of workouts a year for you. A are designed to make you a better athlete and provide that routemap to success.

Every wod may seen rsndom but they are programmed with intent. To benefit to the full from every wod, a we ask is :

  1. You show up

  2. You listen

  3. You work hard

We provide the wod, the facility and the equipment you require, you do the rest!


Saturday 5th JUNE 2021


Before commencing the WOD, you will be given time to practice your lifting and assemble your weights.

30 Power Clean & Push Press – 40/30 kgs

800m row or run

25 Power Clean & Push Press – 50/35 kgs

600m row or run

20 Power Clean & Push Press – 60/40 kgs

400m row or run

15 Power Clean & Push Press – 70/45 kgs

200m row or un

10 Power Clean & Push Press – 80/50 kgs

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