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Nutrition Challenge - Week 4

Week 4:  Fats 



That's you halfway now!  I am loving hearing the stories of the difference in how many of you are feeling now by doing this challenge!!  Again, it’s not too late to start putting these changes in place.  Start this at any point or re start and talk to coaches to help keep you accountable. 😀


This week we are looking at fat.  Sometimes this macronutrient can be used as a physical descriptive word, when really it a source of essential fatty acid.  Yes, too much and the wrong types of ‘fats’ can allow a build-up of unused fats which can lead to change in appearance and health related issues.  But there are also positives for eating the right types of fats and our bodies NEED fat. 


I am not going into the science 🥸🧐 behind the molecular breakdown 🔵-🔵-⚪️ 🫣of different types of fats, but simply let you know the types of fats out bodies are looking for. 


We are looking for monosaturated and polysaturated fats such as; olive oil, cashews, avocado, egg yolks, etc. 


Trying to cut down on saturated fats (cream, chocolate, cheese, etc) and transfats (cakes, fried, doughnuts, etc).  But remember we are creating a lifestyle, not a diet.  We are saying lower your consumption of these types of fats and have as part of a well-balanced diet.   



Fact:  Fat does not turn to muscle and muscle does not turn to fat.  They are two separate things. This might be mind blowing for some 🤯


What:  Eat the right amount of fat from good sources  

(lean meat, nuts, avocado, fish oil, egg yolks, etc) 

How much:  Approx. 20% daily cals in fats.  (mainly monosaturated and polysaturated.)


  • Some vitamins can only be dissolved in the body with fats. 

  • Getting the right balance can lower cholesterol and reduce risk factor of heart disease and strokes. 

  • Bodies ‘back up’ energy source. 


  • Earlier in the day – morning and mid-morning (Greek yogurt, eggs. Bacon, etc).

  • Avoid late at night 

  • Lower fat snack 30 mins before workout. 

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