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Nutrition Challenge - Week 3

Week 3 – Calories


What are calories?  

They are bad things, that make us fat and we should all be terrified of them, call them sins, and only eat what we can train off. 



In today’s society there are so many negative connotations with even using that word, with diets and fads, etc. 

But calories are simply ENERGY. 💥

The measurement of energy that our bodies NEED.  Even if you don't move out your bed 🛌 all day, you still NEED CALORIES.  Your ❤️ is functioning, your liver, 😮‍💨, 🧠 (sometimes… as long as this doesn't involving counting properly in a WOD or even understanding the daily WOD 😜) 


Time to get personal 🫣. 

We are all made up differently and therefore a standard number across the board would not fit. 

By now you should all have your calorie and macro breakdown for protein and carbs, and you should have started using MyFitnessPal.  These are the figures you need to stick to each day. 

Now will this happen by itself?  I doubt it.  🤷🏼‍♀️. Like protein week this is going to require planning.   


Now I can probably keep up with most of the lines that could be used here: 🤓

  • “My work is all over the place with hours” – I start some days just after 6am and can finish at 9pm, between sessions and planning at home and every day and every week is different. 

  • “I have kids” – I have 2 and they each have 3 different groups through the week. 

  • “It’s expensive” – I am self-employed and therefore income is not always easy. 

  • “We all eat at different times” – My kids are n and at groups, my husband is self-employed, and we are like passing ships some days. 


Here are some of my ‘life savers’ for me: 


  • Batch cooking and having some in fridge and freezer. 

  • Protein shakes. 

  • Aldi’s – make meals with similar food so I don't waste food. 

  • Food on the go for days I am rushing about. 

  • Sometimes we (and our kids/partners) need to ‘suck it up’.  Sorry (kinda).  We eventually get to the point where we need to realise out body needs certain things if we want it to function the best it can.  We might not like petrol prices, or the station we it… but if we can’t fuel it, it won’t go anywhere. 


  • Work out and stick to daily calories 


How much: 

So, here’s the maths: 

Men – 66.47 + (13.75 kg bodyweight) + (5.003 cm height) – (6.755 * age) 

Woman – 655.1 + (9.563 kg bodyweight) + (1,85 cm height) – (4.676 * age) = Basal metabolic rate (what your body needs before movement)  

Then you multiply this number by 1.2 if you don’t move much, up to 1.9 for active (7 days a week hard training). 


** For me - 655.1 + (9.563 56kg = 535.52) + (1.85 164 = 303.4) – (4.676 35 = 163.66) = 1,330 BME 1.5 or 1.6 (I’m fairly active) = 1,995 – 2128 


(speak to coach is you want more specific calorie intake based on your goals.) 



  • It’s our energy source. 

  • Filled with nutrients and everything we need for out body to function and stay healthy. 🍓🥦🍠🧀🍗🌮

  • There are some really great ways to get calories in… food is amazing!  Even the odd cake.  🧁



  • Evenly spready through the day. 

  • Plan when you are training and eat accordingly like we went over last week (re read last week’s challenge if you can’t remember) 


IMPORTANT – This challenge does not mean we suggest you track your food for the rest of your life.  This is simply getting us to understand what we put in our body and why.  Stick to tracking the next few weeks, as we don't know how to improve if we don't know where we are going right and wrong. 


Keep going 😊

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