• Ron McKinstray

Take it to the limit

The forth week of The CrossFit Open and we had a full house on a cold Sunday morning. Unfortunately no time for pictures so here's one of Dr Phil from a year ago doing what I believe he described as his favourite workout, ever.

Well done to everyone that either did 18.4 for the first time or took on a redo and improved their time. Bring on 18.5

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Monday 21/06/21

Warm up WOD Practice 10 Rounds 1 min Work - 1 min Rest BB Power Clean & Push Press Men 40 - 50 kg Ladies 25 - 35 kg

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Not a barbell in sight today. The sun is in the sky so we get outside for stretching and then back indoors for the wod WOD Practice 3 x 7 mins AMRAP’s - 3 mins Rest AMRAP (1) 10 WBS 9/6 kg 10 Sit ups

Sunday 20th June 2021

Sunday Weighlifting Club The CrossFit “Olympic“ Total. Snatch : 1-1-1 clean & Jerk : 1-1-1 ”Beauty in its simplicity”

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