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Weekly Update 27/3/23

Well done everyone for last week. So nice workouts in there with different exercises to work on technique and plenty of opportunities to practice and improve.

CrossFit Community Event

We will be looking to meet at 8am and start at 8:30am. We will send out the workout this week so keep an eye out for this.

April Challenge

April Challenge will be posted on the challenge board on Saturday morning. Make sure to keep an eye out and see what we have in store for you next.

Next weeks WOD's

Bradshaw - 27/3/23

This named workout has 10 rounds and some heavy deadlift in there followed by some gymnastics exercises to keep you on your toes.

Metre Box - 28/3/23

Cardio based workout with a box and a bar. Bit of classic Crossfit in there with an exercise we haven't done with a bar for a while.

One Arm Bandit - 29/3/23

5 rounds for time of dumbbell single arm movements to test the different between your right and left.

Sweet Emotions - 30/3/23

Everyone loves front squats and sit ups. This workout will keep your core working throughout.

Jimbo - 31/3/23

This is a workout for Coach Jim. Hope you enjoy it!

Classic CrossFit - 1/4/23

Classic CrossFit workout programmed and coached by Neil.

Strength Session - 2/4/23

Technique work followed by strength or a WOD

We look forward to seeing you all next week in the gym.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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