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Weekly Update 13/2/23

Well done this weeks WOD's have been spicy. Again your efforts have been amazing and can't wait to see what next week brings.

Clothing Order

We will be doing a clothing order at the end of February. If you wish to order anything from our clothing brochure, please contact Megan.

Next Weeks WOD's

This week is the week the fun and games begin...

Snakes & Ladders 13/2/23

This workout see you work your way through this chipper, but there is a twist. If the buzzer goes you take 10 reps off your current number of reps completed and start 10 reps back.

Draughts 14/2/23

You pick your workout, either black or white you decide what's best suited to you.

Chess 15/2/23

8 Rounds, 8 reps & 8 exercises. This workout is a mixture of everything and a good all round workout.

Scrabble 16/2/23

Complete exercise 1, then complete exercise 2 & 1, then exercises 3 & 2 & 1. each round you add an exercise to the list until you reach the final one.

Connect 4 17/2/23

Get 4 rounds completed before the other teams to get 4 in a row. This is all about the team work on this workout. Work to your teams strengths and play the game.

Classic CrossFit 18/2/23

Classic CrossFit workout programmed and coach led by Neil.

Strength Session 19/2/23

Strength session coach led by Neil. He will help you learn the movements and improve on technique and strength

We can't wait to see you all next week for the fun game based workouts.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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