• Ron McKinstray

WOAH Tuesday 28/04/2020


I appreciate I’m a little late with this workout for ANZAC day, but it’s such a tasty looking wod

'Walshy 142'

In memory of Leith Walsh who was in the ADF and passed away unexpectedly on the 2nd Jan 2019. He was an avid CrossFitter and qualified CrossFit Coach. He is survived by his wife and 4 year old daughter.

“Walshy 142”

71 Back squats 40/30 kg


3 Rounds of:

800 m weighted run (10kg - can use DB, KB or plate etc)

20 x snatch 40/30 kg

19 x KB Swing @ 24/16 kg


71 Back Squats 40/30 kg


Back Squats - scale the weight to suit.

If you don’t have a bar a front racked dumbbell or kettlebell can be used or just simply an air squat

Run - If you have a rower then 1000 m

A static bike or AirDyne - 2000 m

Kettlebell Swing - no kettlebell then dumbbell. Neither kettlebell or dumbbell then 19 push-ups.

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