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WOAH Monday 4/05/2020

3 x 7 min AMRAP - 3 min Rest between


10 BB Thrusters 20/15 kg (KB or DB 5R + 5L)

10 Sit ups


10 KBS/DBS or Disc Swing to Overhead

10 Push ups


150 m Run/ROW, 18 Box STEPS or 60 Single Skips

10 SDHP 20/15 kg BB, KB or DB

For non equipment version 

Sub a Squat and Jump for Thruster

Sub a Bend and Stretch for KBS

Sub a Burpee for SDHP

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4 comentarios

Did this one today was fa like the short ones no time or stamina for long ones at moment!

Me gusta

George Charlwood
George Charlwood
04 may 2020

Started with a strength session of descending reps sakb strictpress 10-1 each arm with 1 strict pullup between sets then AMRAPs as above 5+2; 5+13; 4+150m 16kgKB throughout for weighted movements. Shoulders burning now!

Me gusta

Joan and doing Friday’s team WOAH on a lovely afternoon. Fairly rattled along!

Me gusta

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