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WOAH 24/03/2020

Good morning everyone. So glad some of you could get in yesterday to borrow equipment and we are sure you will put it all to good use.


Equipment: Stairs - Box/Bench/Chair - towel

5 min on the spot jog or stair steps

10 Box Dips (can be done from a bench or chair)

10 Box Steps (can be on a bench, solid chair or double steps)

10 Sit-ups (use a rolled up towel)

Up to 10 rounds

5 min on the spot jog or stair steps

Today‘s WOAH was written before the gym was stripped of equipment. For those that were lucky enough to get some please feel free to add in a row or a cycle And if you want slot in 10 kbs - this can be done with a kettlebell or dumbbell.

Stay safe everyone, please

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