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Weekly Well Done & Next Week 21/11/22

Well done to all members that took part this week. It was not an easy week with the heavy weights making the workouts even harder than normal.

Next week will be the start of our new timetable incase anyone missed the message at the start of the week.

We start of the weeks workouts with 975.

Monday 21/11/22 - 975

This is a nice way to start the week with a triplet workout for 10 rounds.

Tuesday 22/11/22 - Cluster Build & Back Attack

Tuesday starts with a strength session into a lovely leg burner to finish. Back Attack may have featured at the Rouge Invitationals.

Wednesday 23/11/22 - Pick Your Poison

Wednesday is a day where you get to pick what workout you wish to complete. Options are as follows: Regatta, Tour de France, Swiss Alps & Chad (Hero WOD)

Thursday 24/11/22 - Cin City

Thursday is a twist on Cindy (Named WOD) which will feature Push Press to break up the rounds.

Friday 25/11/22 - Lord of the Rings

Team Friday will be Lord of the Rings. 9 Rings for Mortal Men Doomed to Die, 7 Rings for The Dwarf-Lords in their Hall of Stone, 3 Rings for The Elven-Kings under The Sky & 1 Ring to Rule them All. (All 4 workouts are AMRAP)

Friday Night Lights 25/11/22 - The Devil Walks & Hold On

Our First Friday Night Lights will consist of a fun Warm Ups followed by a lovely 15-20 minute partnered workout. We will finish the night off with Hold On. (Bring your ropes)

Saturday 26/11/22 - Classic CrossFit Session

This will be a classic CrossFit session programmed & coached by Neil

Sunday 27/11/22 - Strength

Technique work followed by a WOD or Foley's Followers Strength

Hope to see you all

CrossFit Scotland Team

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