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Weekly Well Done & Next Week 19/12/22

This week I think we all felt the cold but well done for turning up and taking part especially when we had the coldest temperatures we have ever hit in the gym since we have opened.


Next week is not a week to miss we have the last week before Christmas and oh what fun we have for you ...

Monday 19/12/22 - " 12 Days of Christmas"

You do not want to miss this one we have done multiple variations of this workout over the years but I hope this gets you in the Christmas Spirit.

Tuesday 20/12/22 - "Stocking Stuffer"

These 5 Rounds for time will just keep you moving after Mondays workouts. 3 simple exercises all body weight.

Wednesday 21/12/22 - "Naughty & Nice"

AMRAP in 25 mins. 4 exercises including gymnastics, weightlifting and a ball.

Thursday 22/12/22 - Silent Night"

In this chipper work your way up and then work your way back down.

Friday 23/12/22 - "Santa Dash"

This team workout will have the class split into teams of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 people the more the merrier. Start at one side of the room work your way to the other and lets see if you can finish the Santa Dash in time.

Saturday 24/12/22 - "1 more sleep"

Yes that's right 1 more sleep. Come on in use that old gym gear before you get the new stuff. Classic CrossFit with the Christmas twist.

Sunday 25/12/22 - "Its Christmas"

Yes we are open. 1 hour come in workout as a team then go enjoy your Christmas. 25 minute workout.

We hope to see you all before Christmas to wish you well and enjoy your day so don't miss out.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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