• Neil Foley

Tabata Saturday 02/01/21

Tabata equipment free

8 x 20 secs work - 10 secs rest

1 min between each exercise

Record your reps for each round

Total up reps of each exercise

To get a score

Alt Leg Lunges

Sit ups

Push ups

Air Squats

Mountain Climbers

KB / DB Tabata 8 x 20 /10

1 min Rest between exercises

SA Push Press - 1 set right / 1 set left

SA Bent Over Rows - 1set right / 1 set left



Goblet Squats

BB Tabata 8x 20/10

1min rest between exercises


Hang Power Clean

Push Press

Sumo Deadlift Hi Pull

Back Squat

Thank 30/20 kg

Scale weight as required

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