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Sunday WOAH 03/01/21

20 min AMRAP

1,2,3......10 - 10......3,2,1 - 1,2,3......10 - 10......3,2,1 etc, etc

Non Equipment Version

Alt Leg Lunges

Sit ups

Push ups

Air Squats

Mountain Climbers

DB/KB Version

SA Push Press Right

SA Push Press Left

KB/DB Swing


Goblet Squat

BB Version


Hang Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

30 - 40/20 - 25 kg

Scale weight to suit

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Vicky Murdoch
Vicky Murdoch
Jan 04, 2021

Jeezo that was harder than it looked. Got to 10 with a 30kg BB! 🥵


Did the 20kg version. Harder than expected. Completed the round of 9 on the way up, 14 other reps. Time for elevenses. Thanks Neil!

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