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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone

Hope you all have a great one

Next week we start the new year early and we have some exciting workouts for you

"Holton Triple" - 2/1/23

This for time workout will keep you moving with some barbell cycling, body weight work and some cardio

"Rep Eliminator" - 3/1/23

This for time workout the reps will drop as each round goes on. Lighter weights higher reps

"Full Steam Ahead" & "Push, Pull, Legs" 4/1/23

Rowing intervals with a twist followed by a classic push pull leg day

"Saved by the ...?" 5/1/23

Every 3 mins for 5 rounds with an active 2 minute recovery.

"Beatdown DT" 6/1/23

Beatdown styled workout of DT will keep both of you on your toes

"Classic CrossFit" 7/1/23

Classic CrossFit workout coached by Neil

"Strength Session" - 8/1/23

Technique followed by strength or WOD you pick

This week we will also have the new skilled class on Tuesday @ 6:45pm. This will consist of gymnastics, skilled movements, mobility & time to workout on your weakest barbell movements.

Hope to see you all this week

CrossFit Scotland Team

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