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Diagon Ally (16/9/22)

“Diagon Ally”

In Teams of 2:

Starting in the middle of the rig (Diagon Ally)

2 mins Work / 2 mins rest x 10 rounds

2 WBS (9/6)

2 MB Sit Ups (9/6)

2 Box Jump Overs (20/24)

Max Cals Row

Must return to Diagon Ally before buzzer goes!

If you don’t make it back to Diagon Ally before buzzer goes you get 5 Burpees!

Partner can’t start until you Tag them.

After both have went reps go up by 2

Round 3 would be: 4 reps

Round 5 would be: 6 reps

Round 7 would be: 8 reps

Round 9 would be: 10 reps

Score is max Cals at end of wod

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