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WOAH Wednesday 5/08/2020

8x 20 secs on - 10 secs rest.

Take 1 min rest after each section. 

Record your reps for each exercise. 

Total up for a score. 

Section 1 - Alt Leg Lunges

1 min rest 

Section 2 - Push ups

1 min rest 

Section 3 - Air Squats

1 min Rest 

Section 4 - Sit ups

1 min rest

Section 5 - Burpees

Weighted Version (DB/KB)

KB or DB Swing

Push ups

SA Push Press (Change arm each set)

Weighted Sit ups (KB/DB/Disc or MB


Take 1 min rest between each exercise

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1 Comment

Joan and I blowing out of our back ends 😰🥵 thanks!!!

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