• Ron McKinstray

WOAH Wednesday 29/04/2020

This workout takes a bit of prep.

Warm up with two rounds to fine tune the distance and rep count.

The goal is complete the metres in under one minute and the lifting in forty seconds giving you a 20 second rest before the round restarts.

Uitilise the two rounds to fine tune the distance and the reps for the lifting or jumping squats.


Every two minutes

For thirty minutes

200m/180m row or run (500m/450m cycle or 15/12 AirDyne calories) or max skips in 55 seconds

10 DB hang clean and push press.

(a barbell can also be used @ 35/25 kgs)


200 m row or run (500 m cycle or AirDyne) or max skips in 50 seconds

10 jumping squats

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