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WOAH Tuesday 16/02/21

"Happy Birthday Basix Gym/CrossFit Scotland"

Thirteen Today - This makes Ronnie and Neil the

oldest teenagers in the business

Warm up WOD– 4 rounds for time

13 Shoulder taps (push up position, one hand touches opposite shoulder)

13 Lunge to overhead reach (same side arm as forward leg)

13 Back Extensions

13 Jumping Squats

WOD – 18min EMOM

Min 1: 15-20 DB Push Press (double DB or single arm ½ reps each arm, sub = push ups)

Min 2: 12-15 Cal Row (sub = 50 double unders or 12 burpees)

Min 3: 20 V - ups (sub = sit ups)

X 6 rounds

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