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WOAH Saturday 23/05/2020

Deck of Cards

Hopefully everybody has a pack of cards somewhere at home. If not, there are various apps available to download.

You require 52 playing cards and 2 jokers

Shuffle the pack, turn over the first card and perform the corresponding exercise to the value of the card

Cards 1-10

HEARTS ♥️ push-ups

CLUBS ♣️ sit-ups

DIAMONDS ♦️ lunges

SPADES ♠️ squats

JACK - 10 double unders / 20 singles

QUEEN - 10 box jump / 20 step ups

KING - 10 burpees

ACE - 10 200m row/run or 500m cycle

JOKER - 4 man makers

If you don’t have dumbbells for man makers do shoulder taps, push-up, tap the opposite shoulder, drop down and so on.

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Couldn’t face Murph so this was my Bank holiday wod


May 23, 2020

My favourite 🥰


Sarah Munro
Sarah Munro
May 23, 2020

Sweaty 🥵

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