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WOAH Saturday 06/03/21

At completion any WODs you complete: 20 Down ups 21 Sit ups (For the year, 2021) BODYWEIGHT at home Emom 16mins Odd- 8 Burpee Tuck Jumps Even - 12 Sit ups GYMNASTICS at home 5 Rounds 50 ab cycles 20 Ab crunches (finger tips past knees) 30 - 45 secs Plank Hold Rest as needed between sets BARBELL at home WOD - 6min AMRAP 14x sumo deadlift high pull 14x front rack lunges 1min Rest 6min AMRAP 12x push press 12x Bent over rows

men 30 - 40 kg - ladies 15 - 25 kg ERG at home For time buy in 2k Row (4k bike) 21-15-9 cal Row burpees press ups STRENGTH at home Power Snatch 8x2 Power Clean 8x2 Snatch Grip Upright Row 6x6 Little Chipper Buy in 150 du’s or single unders 60 OHS 40 SDHP 20 Hang Power Cleans 10 Hang Power Snatches Buy out 100 sit ups 30 - 20 kg

MET-CON at home 30 min EMOM 1- 20 hang clean and press (empty Bar 20/15 kg) or SA DB/KB 10 R/L 2- 6 Slam Ball over shoulder or MB Clusters 3- 08 - 12 burpees

Our mission, is to keep you moving and motivated. If you trust us and our pledge to keep you on track and focused, you’ll come back fitter, healthier and much stronger when all of this is (hopefully) over!

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