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WOAH Friday 26/03/21

At completion any WODs you complete: 20 Down ups 21 Sit ups (For the year, 2021) BODYWEIGHT at home 5 Rounds. 5 Wall Walks 10 Inch Worms 15 Full Sit ups 50 DU’s (100 Singles) GYMNASTICS at home -Practice Double Unders for 10mins. (Aim to hit a personal best) -Practice Headstand Holds or Handstand Holds for 10mins. -Practice Pistol Squats for 10 mins or complete 100 Bodyweight Lunges. BARBELL at home WOD - For time complete reps of... 20 - 1 Power cleans 1 - 20 Split jerks ERG at home 5 Rounds For Time 1000m erg 20 towel overhead squats STRENGTH at home Clean and Jerk 8 x 2 Shoulder Press 5 x 5 S.D.H.P. 5 x 6 Barbell or DB front raise alternated with Barbell or DB Hi Pulls 6 x 12 EMOM 8 mins 6 Push Jerks 6 Hang Snatch MET-CON at home 5 Rounds For Time 30 Shoulder Taps 5 Press ups 20 Air Squats 10 Devils Press 20 Jumping Lunges

Our mission, is to keep you moving and motivated. If you trust us and our pledge to keep you on track and focused, you’ll come back fitter, healthier and much stronger when all of this is (hopefully) over!

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Did Met-con. Don't have 2 dumbbells so did inchworms instead of devil's press and did alt lunges. Time was 24.11 and all before my regular class has even started! Lol

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