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Weekly Update 19/6/23

Well done everyone who took part this week you can thank Coach Jim for it all.

Next Weeks WOD's

Walk On The Wild Side - 19/6/23

Group warm Up followed by every 4 minutes x 3 sets. This is a shoulder burner with wall walks, DB snatches and HSPU / Press Ups. Finishing it off with 3 rounds of a finisher.

My Grip - 20/6/23

2 rounds for time of KBS, Pull Ups and Front Squats. EMOM group finisher will make you work hard and give you an all round workout.

Jump Around - 21/6/23

The name says it all. Burpees with a jump makes this workout. Group finisher is a flight simulator.

Mis Amigos - 22/6/23

3 Part workout. EMOM for 8 minutes followed by 4 rounds for time followed by a group fun finisher.

Its All About The 3's - 23/6/23

Team Friday is a 30 minute running clock starting with buy in into 20 rounds for time. You Go I Go Rounds. In remaining time establish 1 rep max Power Clean as a team.

Classic CrossFit - 24/6/23

Coach Neil will sort you out with a classic CrossFit workout.

Strength Sunday - 25/6/23

Strength programme or catch up word or technique work. You can decide what you want to do when you come in.

Hope to see you all next week.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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