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Weekly Catch Up 26/6/23

You can all thank Coach Jim again for this weeks workouts they have all been crackers!


Coach Megan is back and she has had far too much time on her hands to come up with some fun workouts for you :)

Next Weeks WOD's:

Cardio Pull - 26/6/23

Group warm up followed by every 3 minutes for 6 sets. Skipping, Calories and Burpee Pull Ups. Group Finisher is a Mini Cardio Annie.

Meat Ball - 27/6/23

AMRAP in 30 minutes will include Power Cleans, SB Squat Cleans, WBS & MB Sit ups.

Burst Tyre - 28/6/23

This workout is cardio based and yes you guessed it the court yard is cleared and the tyre are ready to be flipped. Make sure not to wear white / new clothes today.

Evil EMOM - 29/6/23

EMOM30 of calories, burpees, push jerk, sledge pushes and of course rest.

It Takes 2 - 30/6/23

Strength work followed by AMRAP in 4 minutes with 2 minutes rest for 6 sets.

Classic CrossFit - 1/6/23

Coach Neil will sort you out with a Classic CrossFit workout going back to basics.

Strength Sunday - 2/6/23

Strength programme, catch up workout or technique work you pick.

Can't wait to see you all next week

CrossFit Scotland Team

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