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Weekly Catch Up 20/3/23

I hope you all enjoyed the new class structure we started last week. Well done to everyone who took part in some lovely workouts.

CrossFit Community Event

Just a gentle reminder that the next CrossFit Community Event is on Saturday 8th April. I hope to see everyone sign up for this we will confirm start times and workout soon.

Next Weeks WOD's

180 - 20/3/23

EMOM for 10 mins working on snatch technique / strength followed by 6 rounds for time finishing with a cool down / stretches

Quick Cleans - 21/3/23

3 times 9 minute AMRAP with 3 mins rest. This AMRAP sees the reps increase each round. Starts fast but gets harder as times goes on. Tuesday will have a cardio based finisher.

AMRAP30 - 22/3/23

Names says it all. 30 min AMRAP including the Ergs and Kettlebells. You can thank Coach Jim for this one.

Scrabble - 23/3/23

Every round add a new letter (exercise) to your word to increase the score (rounds). This one is all down to Coach Lindsey.

50 Stars - 24/3/23

50 rounds for time on this one in teams of 2. Everyones favourite exercise is in there along side some makers.

Classic CrossFit - 25/3/23

Classic CrossFit programmed and coached by Neil.

Strength Sessions - 26/3/23

Technique work followed by strength or WOD.

We can't wait to see you all next week.

CrossFit Scotland

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