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Twelve is now sixteen

Absolutely fantastic effort from everyone at the weekend. CrossFit Scotland @ BasixGym has been given a complete overhaul with the installation of a sixteen bay rig.

When asked, one of the changes that members preferred during the Covid restrictions was the advent of individual training spaces.

Whilst the layout was good it was messy. In the short term it provided a solution to a problem for that moment in time. But it was never ideal. The Directors took the decision that change was required. Change to provide a better environment with a large investment in equipment.

Over the weekend all the old and outdated pull-up rigs were removed and replaced with a custom made sixteen bay rig from Wolverson, Our members stepped up and worked all weekend to make this happen and we can only say thank you to every single person that played a part. Over 500 nuts and bolts were used and 138 holes drilled. Equipment was cleaned, boxes painted, desks built and floors cleaned.

The end result looks nothing short of phenomenal. We have provided a blend of the old with the new. Sixteen individual training stations that offer more space, over 12 square mertres and still make allowance for social distancing.

We hope you enjoy the new layout and also appreciate it will take a bit of time to fine tune requirements.

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