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Thursday 3rd June 2021

Today starts with some pausing back squat and two different rack positions. The paise at the bottom is designed to feel the drive required to stand the load back up. The lower rack position increased the emphasis on the core and helps teach a more upright position.


Thursday 1ST JUNE 2021

5 Sets on the 2 minutes – build weight: 4 Pausing Back Squats high “usual” rack followed by 3 Pausing Back Squats “low” rack

Can be to a target if required to ensure depth is achieved.

Working weight dependent upon ability

65% - 85% of 1RM

20 Minute Clock: 2k/1.8k Row (Buy In)

Then AMRAP 24 Double Unders 3 bar/ring muscle ups -or- 10 pullups 8 DB Bench Press (2x22.5/2x15kgs)