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Reopening 26th April

~~~~~~~ 26th APRIL ~~~~~~~

Finally, after what was beginning to feel like forever, we are back. You will be able, once again, to book your sessions at the gym from 8pm on Sunday 11th.

Please make sure your gym waiver is up to date, for example if you’ve moved house we need your new address.

You will only be able to book classes if your membership is up to date. Unfortunately, if your membership is not up to date your booking will be cancelled.


We will be in the gym, starting Sunday 18th and at various times over the following week to allow you to return the equipment you have at home. Please make sure it is cleaned and sanitised before you bring it back. An update of times when it can be returned will be published next weekend.

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1 Comment

Demi Stewart
Demi Stewart
Apr 11, 2021

Hi do I just buy the member ship from here etc thanks 😊

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