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Prison Break - 21/7/23

“Prison Break”

Group Warm Up: Coaches Pick

WOD: Starting at bottom end of gym (Jail)

When buzzer goes 1 prisoner (A) is let out of jail while (B) is stuck.

(A) must complete as many reps as possible and return to jail before being caught by the guard (Buzzer). This then releases prisoner (B) who will then continue where prisoner (A) left off. Repeat this process to break free from prison. Once the total number of reps on the board have been completed you can move to the next exercise. WOD is for time and as the exercises progress up the room you get further away from jail so make sure to make it back in time before the guard (Buzzer catches you.)

Buzzer set for 1 min intervals

· 100 Burpees Over Line

· 100 Box Jump / Step Overs

· 100 Ball Over Shoulder

· 100 KBS

· 100 BB Squats

· 100 DB Snatches

· 100 Press Ups

· 100 Ball Over Wall (Both at same time)

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