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Nutrition Challenge Week 2

Week 2 – Time to get drinking 😉


I have been loving the chats going this week around protein.  If you haven’t already managed to team up with someone or are in a small group, try and do that this week.  (And not too late to join in). There are WhatsApp groups been started, texts and accountability in sessions to help stay on track. 


(Would love you to use social media, put up a pic of your weekly protein from MyFitnesPal and tag CrossfitScotland.  Then we can see how you are doing.  You will see me do this as well.) 


Now it’s time to build.  Keep going with your protein and now add in these… 


What:  Drink enough water and carbohydrates. 

How much:  

  • Men 2L water per day and woman 1.5L.   

  • Carbs approx. 50% of daily cals.  (Can ask coach to work out cals more specifically for you, or go with what MyFitnessPal has suggested with your details) 

When:  Carbs 

  • In each main meals.  

  • Body burns carbs easier earlier in the day, so not carb heavy late in day. 

  • Complex carbs are digested slowly (potatoes, beans, porridge, bread, veg, etc) so best 2 – 3 hours before workout, or

  • Simple carbs are digested quickly and can spike blood sugar faster (wholegrain, fruit, sugary foods, etc) so best 30 – 60mins before workout. 

When:  Water 

  • With meals, start the day as well as during/after exercise. 

Why:  Carbs  

  • Carbs are your source of energy (converted easily into glucose, the body sugar.) 

  • Carbs are fruit, veg, past, bread, etc. 

  • Close to source as possible is best (Not too many cakes grow on trees) 

Why:  Water 

  • Body is made up of about 60% water. Breaking that down further: 

  • Brain approx. 73% 

  • Lungs approx. 83% 

  • Skin approx. 64% 

  • Muscles approx. 79% 

  • Aids weight loss 

  • Helps digest food and helps you feel fuller (drinking before and after meals is beneficial) 

  • Energises you (Starting your day with a few glasses of water hydrates you again) 

  • Hydrates you (Important during and after exercise) 



IMPORTANT – This is not a diet.  Balance what you eat and create lifestyle.  A treat is fine alongside a balanced nutrition plan and exercise. This process is about understanding what we put in our bodies and why.

Protein - helps my muscles repair and develop and helps mental health.

Carbs - my body's main energy source.

Water - hydration, digestion and concentration.


Meal plan looks like this now…  

1.  What protein am I having (chicken, egg, yogurt, turkey, etc).   🥚🍗🧆🍤

2.  What carbs am I adding (salad, brown rice, wholemeal bread, etc) 🥦🍐🍞🥞...🍩😂😉

3.  Wee glass of water with that 🧊


Feel free to pester coaches with questions about these challenges, we are happy to help and see you progress in training and in nutrition.

We will look more at calories next week, so don't focus too much on this just now.


Here we go… Week 2. 

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