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Checking you are all alive

••• Covid19 update •••

Following the most recent update from the Scottish Government regarding the move to extend tier four for mainland Scotland, we wanted to send a message to all our amazing members.

Having provided a super safe training environment it so frustrating to remain closed until mid-February (at the earliest).

We would like to thank everyone for the unbelievable support with their membership payments and hope you are all making use of your home equipment and enjoying the wods that Neil is posting everyday.

As soon as we have a date to reopen, get online and let’s see every class full. This has been a hard lockdown, harder than the first one but I can only encourage you to train at home, it definitely helps, obviously physically but it really does help mentally.

Thank you to all our loyal members for their continued support and we look forward to seeing you again, soon!

Stay safe and sane

CrossFit Scotland @ BasixGym.

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