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Warm Up

Today's workout recognises the need to warm-up properly. The first set of movements that everyone joining CrossFit Scotland experiences is our CrossFit Warm-up. Like the gym, it is ten years old and is still as important to carry it out as the day you were first taught it. Do at least one round of the warm-up before your wod.

200m - 20 sit-ups

200m - 20 back extensions

200m - 20 push-ups

200m - 20 pull-ups

200m - 20 FR good mornings (20/15)

200m - 20 back squat (20/15)

200m - 20 db sumo squat (15/10)

200m - 20 shoulder press (20/15)

200m - 20 OH Lunge wp

200m - 20 OH Squat (20/15)


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