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WOAH Wednesday 15/04/2020

Today's WOAH, like most, has various options available depending on what equipment you have to work with.

Option 1. If you have a bar or a reasonable weight of dumbbell, at least a 16” box, then Reps are as written. Male weight 40. Ladies weight 25.

Option 2. If you have a lighter single dumbbell, then Reps are per shoulder and if you only have a low step then step ups are each leg.

Option 3. Depending upon your level of fitness, the step ups can be weighted.

E.g. weighted vest or dumbbell/kettlebell/plate

50 shoulder press

50 step ups

40 shoulder press

40 step ups

30 shoulder press

30 step ups

20 shoulder press

20 step ups

10 shoulder press

10 step ups

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1 Comment

Apr 15, 2020

22.5kg DBs 24” box steps —————> 15’00”

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