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WOAH Tuesday 06/04/21

At completion any WODs you complete: 20 Down ups 21 Full sit ups (For the year, 2021) BODYWEIGHT at home 5 rounds for quality 20 Bulgarian split squats (10 each side) 18 Reverse lunge (odd object) 16 Squat jumps (odd object) 14 Jumping Lunges 12 Air squats 10 Good mornings GYMNASTICS at home 3 x 1min 20second planks (rest as needed) 50-40-30-20-10 Full sit ups Mountain climbers (L+R = 1rep) BARBELL at home WOD - 14min AMRAP 5x power cleans 10x front squats 15x sit ups ERG at home 3 rounds for time 50/40 cal erg 50 jumping squats 50 v sits STRENGTH at home Close Grip Bench/Floor Press supersetted with Pendlay Row 5x8 Bent Over Row supersetted with diamond push ups 6x6 Close Grip Upright Row 4x10 AMRAP 12 mins 10 Bench/Floor Press 10 SDHP 10 Sit ups 10 Reverse Grip Bent Over Row MET-CON at home For time 200 box jumps or 250 squat jumps Every minute 6 down ups. Start with down ups

Our mission, is to keep you moving and motivated. If you trust us and our pledge to keep you on track and focused, you’ll come back fitter, healthier and much stronger when all of this is (hopefully) over!

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