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WOAH Saturday 21/3/2020

Good morning CrossFit Scotland.

As the dust settles from yesterday’s news let us assure you we will continue to post WOAHs for you to “enjoy” everyday.

Today’s WOAH is :

Amrap 20

5 hand walkout press-up inchworms

10 sit-ups

15 squats

Extra Credit

At the end of the 20 minutes, run out for 10 minutes then run home. (Jogging and walking are acceptable subs)

Inchworm description

bend over, place palms on the floor and “walk” them out until your body is flat, do a press-up then walk your hands back in until standing fully upright

For the sit-ups you can use a rolled up towel as an abmat.

Please post your results and pictures to comments

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Changed the 5 walkouts for 6 HR press ups (walkouts aggravated the hernia).


Phil 13+1, Joan 13+1. Two healthy burst tomatoes. Thanks (we think!)


George Charlwood
George Charlwood
Mar 21, 2020

Was I doing something wrong? Only 8+15 but 20:06 run, 10:00 out 10:06 back. Proud of that, usually takes me about 12 mins to come back over the distance I cover in 10 going out.


Getting the kids involved 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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