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WOAH Saturday 20/06/2020

Tabata Saturday

16 x 30 sec work - 15 seconds rest

Alt between 

Front Squat 30/20 kg and Push Press (8 sets of each)

Make a note of your reps for each set

When you finish your last set

Set your timer for 3 min AMRAP

Then complete AMRAP Bar facing Burpees

Total up Front Squats + Push Presses + Burpees 

to get a score. Post your total score.


Goblet Squats Alt with KB/DB Swings

Non Equipment

Air Squats Alt with HR Push ups

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1 Comment

George Charlwood
George Charlwood
Jun 20, 2020

Double arm front-racked KB squats - 32kg and double arm KB Push Press - 32kg plus BoBs total 112

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