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WOAH Monday 8/06/2020

“Vest Triplet”

For Time Complete:

– 400M Run

– 24 Air Squats

– 12 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (**)

* 4 Rounds

For this WOAH, wear a weighted vest.

If you don't have a vest I'm pretty sure you can find a back pack

Wear it either on the front or the back and pack full of some water

bottles to add weight. Add a weight you are comfortable with.

If you haven't got a box, Burpees are fine just add in 12 triple stair steps.

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George Charlwood
George Charlwood
Jun 09, 2020

@ptmunro - funny old thing I had the same problem with my ruck full of pebbles! maybe knock some sense into us.


Thanks for something a bit weird. Never tried this before so running with a bag full of water bottles. Great workout. Only downside was ruck hitting me on the back of the head during each burpee 😃


George Charlwood
George Charlwood
Jun 08, 2020

10kg weighted ruck, run, squats and burpees as above, 18 2-step stepups as we don't have 3 outside steps anywhere, times 4; 31:07

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